Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

At Parravans Newcastle we offer a comprehensive range of services for your new caravans or used caravans. We can make alterations and additions, as well as 12 volt Battery Systems, Solar Power Systems and Grey Water tanks.


What's covered in a caravans Pre Holiday Service:

  • Check wheel bearings & repack inner / outer
  • Check brake linings
  • Replace split pins
  • Check under carriage
  • Grease stabilisers
  • Check gas / 240vlt / 12vlt
  • Check running lights
  • Respray "A" frame
  • Anode rod checked in hot water systems
  • Clean, check and repack inner / outer wheel bearings
  • Check brake assemblies
  • Adjust brake shoes and handbrake
  • Check suspension and pivots points, tighten if necessary
  • Check tyre pressures and wear
  • Check under carriage
  • Grease stabilisers and coupling
  • Check operation of Gas / 240vlt / 12vlt
  • Check fire alarm
  • Check running lights
  • Check alignment of doors and windows, adjust if necessary
  • Check and adjust cupboard locks and catches
  • Lubricate locks and hinges
  • Check operation of pop-top and step
  • Visual inspection of roof
  • Visual inspection of water leaks
  • Visual inspection of sealant/silicone, if signs of deterioration are evident, reapply or replace
  • Ensure electrical, gas and plumbing lines are secured and routed correctly
  • Check operation of awning
  • Check battery(s) condition


Additional charges
  • Replacement of bearings, brake linings, brake magnets.
  • Fill gas bottles
  • Respray draw bar


During the Warranty period remember that it is the owner duty of care to carry out regular Maintenance, i.e. tyre pressure, wheel nut adjustment, wheel bearing greasing and adjustment, greasing of corner stabilisers, adjustment of brakes and hand brake cable.

These items are NOT covered by Warranty and the cost of all general maintenance is the owners responsibility. 

Retreat caravans advises after 24 months from purchase date the customer reseals the roof, hatches, exterior fittings. Failure to do this may allow internal water damage.


Service Request Form

If your new caravans and used caravans need service or repairs please use the service request form below.

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